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Kiran Sharma artwork and cards

Dipsy Dragon featured artist until 16th May is local print maker and artist, Kiran Sharma

KK Sharma
KK Sharma is an artist and printmaker based in North Wales.
She trained at Byam Shaw School of Art, London and Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. She now exhibits regularly with Aberystwyth Printmakers.

The sheep drawings were initially inspired by Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketch Book. During the first lockdown she sketched sheep and lambs in the fields surrounding Dyffryn Ardudwy.
Blue Lamb, Behold the Lamb (pictured here), Easter Lamb as well as Snipe 2 were all made especially for this display at Dipsy Draig. They were made painfully slowly in the growing hope and expectation that its doors would be open in the spring!

KK Sharma
Mae KK Sharma yn artist ac argraffydd ac yn dysgu Cymraeg. Mae hi wedi ‘i lleoli yng Ngogledd Cymru. Cafodd ei haddysg yn Ysgol Gelf Byam Shaw, Llundain ac Prifysgol Anglia Ruskin, Caergrawnt. Rwan mae hi’n arddangos yn rheolaidd efo Argraffwyr Aberystwyth.

Cafodd ei hysbrydoli gan lyfr Henry Moore, Sheep Sketchbook.
Yn ystod y cyfnod clo cyntaf roedd hi’n creu brasluniau o ddefaid ac wyn yn y caeau ger Dyffryn Ardudwy. Mi wnaeth hi Blue Lamb (yn y llun yma), Easter Lamb, Behold the Lamb and Snipe 2 yn arbennig ar gyfer yr arddangosfa hon yn Dispy Draig. Roedd hi’n gweithio’n araf. Roedd hi’n edrych ymlaen at y gwanwyn pan fydd siopau’n ailagor. Gobeithio!

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Dragon with a pinch pot (hollow)  tummy!

Roll the ball gently on a flat surface to smooth. If the join reappears cover over again. Continue until your ball is perfect!
You should now have 6 smaller balls and one larger ball for the dragon bits.
Sit your dragon on a flat surface so he doesn’t wobble. You can gently squeeze and slap the body round a bit and smooth the neck joints to make it all look right before you move on.
Curl the tail round as you see fit. If the tail cracks a bit rub slip onto the tail as you bend it round.
Join the pointy bit on the end of the tail!
As your dragon starts to dry you can continue to smooth the joints – this is easier when the clay is less sticky and less likely to collapse! You can use your finger, the finger tool, a brush or a sponge for this smoothing. Use as little water as possible as wetting the clay will weaken it again. Dont worry about making everything really smooth – you can make brush or smoothing marks a feature of your dragons character!!!

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Easter bunnies and more based on a cone

You need a small lump of clay to make a bunny. Your lump should fit easily into your hand – divide your lump into 2 equal pieces. If you have got some clay from dipsy dragon the lump of clay will make 2 of these bunnies (see instructions below)

These bunnies are based on a cone shape for the body and you can adapt this for any creature that is happy to have a cone shaped body! I am sure you can use your imagination to use these instructions to make a dragon or an elephant or ….

Coming soon: making animals with a round body

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