Hares, of course, come in all sorts of colours – well mine do!

Amaco – Tourmaline :
Terracolor – Acropolis
Terracolor – Acropolis, Beige oatmeal: Amaco – Albany slip brown, Blue midnight

Amaco – Blue rutile
Terracolor –
Turquoise stone, Sandstone, Acropolis

I started out using Terracolor glazes – mostly with a satin/matt finish. These are some of my favourites:

A request for a darker finish led to the use of Amaco Potters choice glazes. These glazes all have a gloss finish.

We have lots more glazes and there are even more ‘out there’. If it is your dream to own your own hare but you don’t see the colour of your choice on this page, please contact us.

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