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Browse ceramics created by Sue and Peter together with artwork and cards by our local guest artists

Ceramic creation with
Sue and Peter Barnes

  • Mouse or chicken with a hollow body- a little bit trickier.
    There’s a trick to making birds and animals with hollow bodies. A hollow body uses less clay and is lighter and will dry out more quickly. To make a hollow body make two pitch pots and stick them together …. I’ve written another blog post with more pictures showing how to make a hollow ball […]
  • Make a hollow ball with two pinch pots.
  • Stay at home chicken – easy
    This chicken is made with a solid body like the mouse in the previous post. Use about 150g of clay – a Dipsy Dragon ball of clay will make 2. (Any ammount of clay will do if you stick to the fractions given)

Sue and Pete worked in education (Maths and Outdoor Education) in Cumbria and then Glasgow before running away to be creative in Wales

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