Dragon with a pinch pot (hollow)  tummy!

Roll the ball gently on a flat surface to smooth. If the join reappears cover over again. Continue until your ball is perfect!
You should now have 6 smaller balls and one larger ball for the dragon bits.
Sit your dragon on a flat surface so he doesn’t wobble. You can gently squeeze and slap the body round a bit and smooth the neck joints to make it all look right before you move on.
Curl the tail round as you see fit. If the tail cracks a bit rub slip onto the tail as you bend it round.
Join the pointy bit on the end of the tail!
As your dragon starts to dry you can continue to smooth the joints – this is easier when the clay is less sticky and less likely to collapse! You can use your finger, the finger tool, a brush or a sponge for this smoothing. Use as little water as possible as wetting the clay will weaken it again. Dont worry about making everything really smooth – you can make brush or smoothing marks a feature of your dragons character!!!

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