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Raku dragon

Just out of a Raku firing glazed with red crackle glaze and white crackle features.

He is 20cm tall and selling at a bargain price of £32. Can be posted.

Fired in our electric kiln to cone 05 1046 degrees. Reduction in straw on a bed of sawdust. Peter was disappointed he wasn’t shiny – I’ll have to do some in the Spectrum Cosmic Copper glaze!!

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Quick little dragon

The larger dragons have taken about 2 hours each to make so I need to make some smaller simpler ones. I wanted to time how long it took but had people in the shop buying things!! Probably between 30 mins and 1 hour.

Only the body is hollow.

Here he is drying off with his larger friends.

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Dragons and coffee

Making dragons (and coffee in the background!)

Sphere of two pinch pots, 100g of clay with necks of 40g added over hole cut in sphereHead added – pinch pot, 60g clay and hole cut – and smoothed.Wings made and allowed to dry so they can hold their shape.Tails made and added.All the other bits made ready to add. Feet and hands made with 10g clay.Completed dragon …… And friends

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Earthenware trials and tribulations

So some of the Amaco velvet underglaze colours don’t do so well at stoneware temperatures so I’ve done a bit of earthenware experimenting using Potterycrafts CWE 12.5 white earthenware clay. The result is the coasters below. Most are painted with the velvet underglaze colours and glazed with Scarva high gloss clear but I tried out one with Botz turquoise crackle and did a quick drawing with some slip for another.

Cader ridge coasters

I’ve always favoured stoneware ceramics as that’s what I did on both the evening classes of my training! I’m thinking that I’ll give earthenware a bit more consideration now.

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Terracolor Stoneware glaze

I needed a less glossy glaze for the trophies I made for the Winter trail race so am now trying out a number of Terracolor stoneware glazes. These glazes were bought as powder and most mixed with water but some of each of Romantic, Acropolis and Blue marble were mixed with the Scarva brush on medium. I have used these as brush on before but was not happy with the result, probably because the glaze was not applied thickly enough. The hearts are each glazed with one of the glazes above – I’ve applied lots of coats! The flower pots are half and half Blue Marble/ Romantic and the other Romantic/ Acropolis.

It seems that the blue has reacted with the Romantic on the pot and become glossy and runny.

The clay is from Potterycraft – Briar Buff Earth/Stoneware.

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More hearts, some stars and a witch

I’m using up my Amaco Potters choice glazes before having a glazing rethink.

  • I’ve piled on loads of Saturation Gold on the inside of these heart pots and glazed the outside with Deep Firebrick.

  • Amaco Celadon Rainforest is the  base coat on these flower pots. The top coat on the pots is Indigo Float, Toasted Sage, Ancient Jasper, Oatmeal Seaweed, Art Deco Green and Oatmeal. The indentations have none of the celadon glaze.  I love the Toasted sage over the Celadon Rainforest. (pot at 3 o’ clock! in the left hand image)
  • I’ve used a combination of Ancient Jasper, Oatmeal, Seaweed and the remains of my Arctic Blue on these star bowls and one little heart. One star has just Ancient Jasper on the outside and seaweed and ancient jasper drip inside over Amaco Celadon Rainforest – (last image).

  • These hearts and shell have Rutile Blue on the outside and as a base on the inside under Indigo Float and Seaweed or Oatmeal on the rim.

  • This witch’s face is glazed in Toasted sage. The hair is Ancient Jasper over Ironstone. There is Ironstone on the eyebrows and eyes as a base coat. I’v added green on the eyes. The mouth has a deep firebrick under the Toasted sage. Effect is startling!!! Not quite what I had in mind.

    All pieces are made with Potterycrafts Earth/Stoneware Briar Buff

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Hearts and leaves and a Dipsy dragon for mother’s day!

I’ve used Amaco Potter’s choice glazes on my oak leaves and hearts and on a new Dipsy Dragon. The clay is briar buff earth/stoneware B106 from Potterycrafts.



The leaves have a Dark green base coat (3 coats) with plain Dark green on the underside. I’ve used Art Deco Green, Oatmeal, Arctic Blue, Seaweed and Ironstone as top coats.



IMG_20180301_125644.jpgThe hearts are cut out circles pinched as appropriate. They have Deep firebrick on the underside and around the edge with Arctic blue as a base coat inside (3 coats) and Chun plum over. 3 star bowls and one heart bowl had oxide on the edges. These are now painted all over blue rutile and chun plum over with extra chum plum around the edge on the inside.




4 heart bowls were previosly glazed with the terracotta stoneware glazes over oxide on the edges and spotted. I have painted over these with blue rutile and one of Oatmeal, Arctic blue, Indigo float or Iron Lustre over.