A perfect creative experience for all … Single sessions, studio sessions, bespoke sessions

Single sessions

Make & Take: up to 1 hour creating a masterpiece with ‘air dry’ clay.
Finished pieces can be taken away, dried and painted with acrylic paint.
£15 for 1 participant, £25 for 2, £30 for 3

Make & Bake: up to 2 hours creating a masterpiece that is ‘bisque’ fired after drying.
Bisque fired pieces can be collected and painted with acrylic paint.
Drying and bisque firing usually takes about a week. Bisque fired pieces can be mailed to you at cost.
£30 for 1 participant, £50 for 2, £60 for 3

Make&Bake and Glaze&Bake: The Make & Bake session as above with up to 1.5 hours glazing in a second session and a second firing.
As drying and firing of pieces takes some time the glazing session must be arranged to accomodate this. We are happy to arrange for the 2 sessions to take place within one week with at least 4 days between although this takes careful planning on our part.
£54 for 1 participant, £90 for 2, £108 for 3

Contact us to book a session or to discuss your requirements. We have 3 creating stations and can fit up to 6 participants with 2 participants in each station for family groups.

Further information: Single sessions

Studio sessions

4 session structured introduction to creating with clay: 4 sessions each of about 2 hours with tutoring, materials, tools and firings included.
£90 for 1 participant, £150 for 2, £180 for 3 …

Regular studio sessions: Weekly sessions of up to 2 hours.
These 2 hour sessions for those with some experience (e.g. the 4 session introduction above) run on Wednesday and Thursday from 11 to 1 and 2 to 4. Studio materials, use of tools and firings are included with some tutoring.
£15 per session for each participant, £54 for 4 sessions, £48 for monthly membership. Contact us for more details.

Further information: 4-session structured introduction

Bespoke sessions

We are happy to arrange sessions to fit your particular requirements for a perfect creating experience, if we can!
Contact us to discuss.

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