Terracolor Stoneware glaze

I needed a less glossy glaze for the trophies I made for the Winter trail race so am now trying out a number of Terracolor stoneware glazes. These glazes were bought as powder and most mixed with water but some of each of Romantic, Acropolis and Blue marble were mixed with the Scarva brush on medium. I have used these as brush on before but was not happy with the result, probably because the glaze was not applied thickly enough. The hearts are each glazed with one of the glazes above – I’ve applied lots of coats! The flower pots are half and half Blue Marble/ Romantic and the other Romantic/ Acropolis.

It seems that the blue has reacted with the Romantic on the pot and become glossy and runny.

The clay is from Potterycraft – Briar Buff Earth/Stoneware.

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