More hearts, some stars and a witch

I’m using up my Amaco Potters choice glazes before having a glazing rethink.

  • I’ve piled on loads of Saturation Gold on the inside of these heart pots and glazed the outside with Deep Firebrick.
  • Amaco Celadon Rainforest is the  base coat on these flower pots. The top coat on the pots is Indigo Float, Toasted Sage, Ancient Jasper, Oatmeal Seaweed, Art Deco Green and Oatmeal. The indentations have none of the celadon glaze.  I love the Toasted sage over the Celadon Rainforest. (pot at 3 o’ clock! in the left hand image)
  • I’ve used a combination of Ancient Jasper, Oatmeal, Seaweed and the remains of my Arctic Blue on these star bowls and one little heart. One star has just Ancient Jasper on the outside and seaweed and ancient jasper drip inside over Amaco Celadon Rainforest – (last image).

  • These hearts and shell have Rutile Blue on the outside and as a base on the inside under Indigo Float and Seaweed or Oatmeal on the rim.

  • This witch’s face is glazed in Toasted sage. The hair is Ancient Jasper over Ironstone. There is Ironstone on the eyebrows and eyes as a base coat. I’v added green on the eyes. The mouth has a deep firebrick under the Toasted sage. Effect is startling!!! Not quite what I had in mind.

    All pieces are made with Potterycrafts Earth/Stoneware Briar Buff

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