Create: Structured introduction

We offer a 4 session introduction to creating with clay – up to 2 hours per session for £90 for 1 participant, £170 for 2, £240 for 3

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The cost includes clay, use of tools, glaze and firings as well as tuition. Alternatively you can pay £25 at each session you attend.

  • Session 1: Roll the clay – making a heart pot, hankerchief bowl etc.
  • Session 2: Pinch the clay – making a pinch pot or two or three and turning some into a dragon, animal, bird, stem vase etc.
  • Session 3: Coil the clay – making a jug, vase, cup etc.
  • Session 4: Glaze your creations
    N.B. Your creations need to dry and have an initial firing before they can be glazed in Session 4.

Additional weeks charged at studio rate: £25 for one two hour session or £90 for 4 x 2 hour sessions.
You can join sessions as follows attending one or more sessions per week:

  • Wednesday 11:00 to 13:00
  • Thursday 13:00 to 15:00

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Contact us for more information or to book sessions or if you would prefer to attend at an different time and we will see what can be arranged!

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