Create: Single sessions

We offer the following hands-on sessions where you can create a masterpiece out of clay!

Mini session: Just create with airdry clay
Cost: £10 per person
This includes basic tuition, use of tools and airdry clay. Creations can be taken away on the day or left in Dipsy Dragon for a day or so to dry off. When the clay is dry the pieces can be painted – acrylic paint is good for this.

Session time: About 1 hour

Get creative with airdry clay

Standard session: Create with bisque firing
Cost: £20 per person
Includes basic tuition, use of tools, clay and ‘bisque firing’. Bisque fired work can collected about a week after the session and painted at home or you can return for a glazing session which includes a glaze firing. (See below)

Session time: Up to 2 hours

Get creative with bisque firing

Making and glazing sessions: Create, bisque firing, glaze and glaze firing
Cost: £30 per person
This is the standard session above with a second session for glazing. Normally a week is needed between the 2 sessions but we can make special arrangements for you to do both sessions within a week.

Session times
Session 1: up to 2 hours
Session 2: up to 1.5 hours

Get creative and glaze

Full ceramic process:

  1. Make your masterpiece from clay (up to 2 hours)
  2. Drying (2-7 days)
  3. Bisque firing (about 20 hours to fire and cool)
  4. Pick up your masterpiece from Dipsy Dragon and take it home to paint with Acrylic paint
    OR Return to Dipsy Dragon to glaze your masterpiece
    1. Glaze session (up to 1.5 hour)
    2. Drying (1 day)
    3. Glaze firing (about 24 hours to fire and cool )
    4. PIck up your masterpiece from Dipsy Dragon to take home.

Terms and conditions: coming soon