I have made 7 glazes as follows:Raku glazes.PNG

I applied these to Bisque fired Earthstone Terracotta Crank and fired in our new Raku kiln. We took the temperature up to 1000 and left it there for 10 mins. We had a little difficulty as the pressure of the gas kept dropping off and we had to shake the bottle!



  • The top shelf in the kiln was knocked off when the top hat was raised too quickly so the glaze was damaged in some areas.
  • Glaze T3 was a volcanic disaster! I will try it on a different clay.
    T3 disaster.jpg
  • Glazes R1 and R2 are very hard to tell apart. R2 is more glossy.
  • R4 is whacky. Pink on edges with a white crackle inside
  • 5 is very blue and glossyR1 R2 and R5.jpg
  • Glazes R6 and R7 are very hard to tell apart. The colour is slightly different.R6 and R7.jpg

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