Getting busy

Following the success of the Caru Dolgellau heart Pots, Dipsy Dragon has decided to get a shop front! We are hoping to rent a shop on Eldon square in Dolgellau for the summer to see how it goes!

The raku firing of the heart pots has proved very popular so we are planning to  do more, setting up a raku kiln so we don’t have to risk the elements of the electric kiln any longer! Pete is has been very busy and enthusiastic  building not one but two raku kilns – one in one of our privies and the other portable. We have bought a barrel and ordered other bits and pieces and now the kilns are ready. We have had a quick, quite successful try out of the portable kiln. I have mixed up some more raku glazes and a few pots made from the terracotta crank are ready for our first raku firing in the privies!

In the meantime I have made more hearts from the Earthstone smooth crank and glazed them with layered Potter’s choice brush on glazes, fired in the electric kiln. These fit one inside the other and would have worked well for mother’s day as a kind of mother and child idea but we had other things to deal with and couldn’t do the Dinas Mawddwy Sunday market before Mothering Sunday. I am intending to try out the black and pink glaze combination of my own glazes and some others. I’ve also tried some other of my own glazes on some old basic buff and iffy clay that needs using up and these have been quite successful. The painted petal glaze application seems to be becoming a trade mark for me.

Also, I have been given the idea of creating a mother, children and grandchildren creation so am giving that some thought.

Work plan: make

  • more nested pots – pot with half the clay seems to nest well in the larger pot.
  • more infinity pots
  • rounded triangular pots withembossed spirals
  • Rounded square/ triangular plates/plaques with embossed symmetrical patterns

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