Caru Dolgellau πŸ’œ Love Dolgellau

I’ve made these exciting little hearts to experiment with raku firing and have donated the results to the Caru Dolgellau πŸ’œ Love Dolgellau Calonau Cymru fund raising. 

The clay I used was some end of bag Earthstone cranked. I decorated with some brush on Amaco Raku glaze: Lustrous copper and Smokey blue. I also used a home mixed glaze – a white crackle using Borax frit, alkaline frit, bentonite and tin oxide. 

The effect was great with the copper glaze reducing nicely to a lovely shine and the white crackling subtly. The white glaze came out with a pink hue. 

The pots that went into the reduction pot last had cooled and the sawdust at the top didn’t catch So these pots didn’t reduce/ smoke as much as they might have. 

We need a bigger/ better reduction pot!!

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