Maker of the Month: Celf Aran Arts: End of week 1

Celf Aran 2.JPGWe are so chuffed at the end of week 1 having sold a few items including Wind & Tree in this dragon based ensemble!

This Dipsy Dragon is looking very pleased too!





It’s been a hectic week getting it all together.  The Town & Mountain plaque came out of it’s glaze firing on Friday morning. By the end of the month we may have got everything properly sorted.

A special thanks to Peter for his excellent woodwork in mounting these plaques …

Celf Aran 3.JPG
Wind & Tree
Celf Aran 1.JPG
Town & Mountain

Celf Aran.JPG

… and in making these stands …

A closer look at the stands …

Celf Aran 4.JPGCelf Aran 5.JPG

… and finishing with another dragon based ensemble!

Celf Aran 6.JPG



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