My first real exhibition

Peter has made me an ingenious stand for the Meirionnydd Artists Society Exhibition starting today. My 6 pieces look fabulous – 5 on the stand and the other in the Wild weather competition area. 

‘Wind 1’ my competition entry was coil built from Potclays ?  And spray glazed with Pottery crafts Transparent gloss ?  It was only a light spray so not a glossy result. It had a subtle speckled effect. 

My 2 slate pieces were coil built from crank. I used Pottery crafts ? Crank for ‘Lone slate’ and Potclays ? premium and ? for Partnership in slate. All were glazed with Potclays ? which produces an interesting effect when painted on thick. I didn’t get it quite think enoigh in places. The ‘hidden’ faces are subtle with this glaze; very subtle on ‘Lone slate’

‘Tree’ is one of the tree scamps which I think are going to be called tree spirits or perhaps tree witch in this case. She is very witchy. She is coil built with a crank clay I bought long ago! The glaze is one of my own – two layered. 

The two placques are made from the Pottery crafts ? Anglazed with potclays transparent glossy over iron oxide bringing out the detail. I carved ‘Wind 2’ as a line drawing and am very pleased with how the detail has been brought out with the oxide. 

I’m not overly proud of ‘Town and Mountain’ being disapointed that I didn’t have time to finish a new version. Obviously, there isn’t enough oxide detail, maybe two much glaze so its too washed out. 

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